July 28, 2014

Your Kids Can Clean!

I have not methodically transitioned my girls to taking on cleaning responsibilities. We have just kind of morphed into it. 

The older 3 are responsible for the dishwasher, their bathroom, and all their own laundry including sheets and towels. 

My littlest puts her laundry away, puts her dishes in the dishwasher, and (mostly) cleans up her toys. 

And also the older 3 do whatever I delegate to them in the common areas. We are all making the messes together, we should all be cleaning it up (not just the mama!).

Click HERE to read a great post on transitioning your children into taking on cleaning responsibilities in your home!

April 5, 2014

Minnie Mouse Birthday

Today we had family and a few friends over for Peanut's birthday party. She has been talking about "my Minnie Mouse birthday" for MONTHS!

I asked a sweet and talented lady from church to make Peanut's birthday cake for us. Isn't it adorable?! And if you look closely enough, you will see where Peanut got into Minnie's shoe before the party started. :)

Here is Peanut's birthday banner that a dear friend made for her...

And here are some pics from our red/black/white themed food table...

A lot of friends and family ended up sick this weekend, but we still had a good time with those that were able to join us!

April 3, 2014

Peanut's 3rd!

I cannot believe Peanut turned 3 two days ago! It is crazy how three years have gone by so quickly. We remain so thankful for Peanut's life, for her birth family, and for God's plan for her in our family.

This kiddo is old enough to know now that our family has FUN on birthdays! So she was up and ready to go.


It was a very Minnie Mouse birthday! Dress on clearance from Target, necklace and hair clip from jane.com!

We went downtown to have breakfast at Krispy Kreme.

Then we had some fun at the science museum. The turtles that Peanut loved one year ago...totally frighten her now. ;)

We went home for some lunch, rest time, and play time before heading out to grab dinner at Andy's!