February 22, 2014

14 on the 14th

Well somehow I am the mom of a 14 year old. What?!?

Following Little Bit's lead, Big Girl also had 3-4 birthday celebrations. No wonder I feel so crazy from January to February--party over here, party over there!

These first four pics are from a celebration at my Mom's home, once again with my sister and her two boys.

Yes, Big Girl is diggin' the zebra stripes lately.

This next set of pics is from Big Girl's actual birthday--Valentine's Day!

Love dressing my girls in hearts on Valentine's Day!

I mean what would y'all do if we did not have donuts on a kid's birthday? You know you have come to expect it! I think Honey and Big Girl got out that morning to pick up the donuts. Two days before we got about 4 inches of snow and a little ice, but by this day our roads had been cleared a good bit and we could safely get out and about.

Honey is trying hard to come to terms with his girls growing up. I dare say he is handling it better than I expected! He is such a good "girl daddy".

As I said, zebra stripes are "the thing" right now for this girl. So when I saw this wallet that my friend at Razzleberri made, I knew I had to buy it for Big Girl's birthday. 

Birthday/Valentine's Day bounty

Valentine's Day may be Big Girl's birthday, but I always get all my girls a little something for the day. Target $1 socks and $5 t-shirts. (well, and Little Bit's clearance dress too!)

(blurry but...) Another birthday with snow on the ground and us in the theater...this time for the Lego Movie. Everything is awesoooooome! You.are.welcome.

These next few pics are from last night, when Big Girl had a couple of girlfriends over to celebrate with her. They ate well, laughed well, and were loud...well. :)

Big Girl helping me test out our photo booth items. I picked up this pack of Valentine photo booth items at Target for only $5 and it was so much fun! But this group of girls is super sensitive about their pics being posted lately, so maybe I will get their permission to post some later. ;)

 They had chicken wings, pizza, chips & dip, pink & black "M&Ms", soda, and cake pops.

Y'ALL. My friend Ann makes THE BEST cake pops you have ever seen or tasted!

And the celebrations ended today with Honey's family coming over to celebrate Big Girl's and Little Bit's birthdays with us. WHEW.

February 17, 2014

Glory--and Not the Olympic Kind!

If you have not seen this video with Scott Hamilton yet, please take the 10.5 minutes to watch it.

I have long been a fan of figure skating and of Scott Hamilton. I did not know a ton about his personal life (I still really don't outside of this personal testimony!) other than his cancer battles, but he was always such a class act. And I appreciated and valued that in a public/famous figure.

Listen as he reveals to the world where his strength and hope lies...

February 3, 2014

Mundane Monday Morning Musings

1.  When I don't have to get up and do anything with my day or with my kids, I cannot sleep.  This morning when I had to get up and jump back into routine, I felt like I could have slept all morning. It's like Murphy's Law--Mommy Version.

2.  There is not enough coffee in the world.

3.  One night over the weekend, I laughed until I cried.  I mean, the kind of laughing when you worry because you have given birth to three kids. (some of you totally get what I am saying) The kind where I hooted and hollered and could.not.stop.  It was, in one word, therapeutic.

4.  My husband rocks.  While I was out of town, he did the grocery shopping, a couple of loads of laundry, bathed the dogs, cleaned their crates, changed our dryer vent, cooked for the girls, made them homemade popcorn, played with Peanut, cleaned our bathroom, vacuumed the blinds, got everyone to church...he blesses me!!!

5.  Our dishwasher gets louder by the year. It works just fine, so there is no need to break the bank for a new one now. But one day when it whooshes its final rinse, we are so getting one of those silent ones. 

6.  We got a playable, sleddable snow last week.  While I hope to see no more this winter, I was so pleased that my girls got what they had been wishing for over the past couple of winters!

7.  I love the flexibility homeschool gives our family to veer off the course a little and dive into some Olympics learning and activities this week! 

8.  Love the encouragement I got from a sweet friend recently that "relationship over right" is a good, good thing.

9.  I am finally reading Paul Tripp's Age of Opportunity. Whoa!! Where do I begin? It's like he knows just what is in my head and heart. Looking forward to getting further into the book.

10.  I saw a glimpse of spring yesterday, and it made my heart glad. I am so thankful for the times when God gives us a peek at something glorious yet to come.